Homeowners Beware: The Risks of Previous Owners' Keys

Homeowners Beware: The Risks of Previous Owners' Keys

A safety announcement to everyone: Please re-key your home’s locks.

Today, we want to address a vital safety concern that often goes unnoticed: the keys to your home. If you've purchased a previously owned house, there's a significant possibility that there are spare keys floating around in the hands of strangers. It's a scenario that might sound unsettling, but it's essential to be aware of this potential risk.

Have you ever given a spare key to a neighbor, dog walker, friend, housekeeper, handyman, or relative before the home changed ownership? It's a common occurrence, and it's unlikely that the previous owner collected all these keys upon selling the house. We're not sharing this information to create fear; our aim is to educate and empower you to take action.


"Re-keying will give you security and peace of mind."


The solution to this issue is surprisingly straightforward, and you don't need to rush out and buy brand-new locks for all your doors. What you need is a visit from a locksmith who can re-key your existing locks. As a real estate broker with extensive experience, I've overseen the sale of thousands of homes, including those with defaulted loans for major banks and HUD (Housing and Urban Development). Interestingly, when HUD homes are sold, they don't provide the buyer with keys to their new property. Instead, buyers are required to sign a disclosure stating that they'll need to hire a locksmith to re-key the locks on the day they take possession.

This measure is in place to safeguard the buyers and ensure their safety. So, if you want to sleep more soundly at night, it's time to call a locksmith and have your locks re-keyed. Don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions about the re-keying process. Over my 25 years in real estate, I've helped re-key thousands of homes, and I'm here to assist you in keeping your home and loved ones safe.


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