Honest Pros and Cons of Living in Huntington Beach

Honest Pros and Cons of Living in Huntington Beach

The seaside community of Huntington Beach has become a popular destination for newcomers over the last two decades. With substantial growth in its population since 2010, this Orange County city now tops 200,000 residents without any sign of slowing down. Clearly, this is a desirable place to call home. But along with the many pros of living in Huntington Beach, you’ll find that there are some caveats to become aware of before committing to moving here. Let’s look at the pluses and minuses of Huntington Beach, so you’ll have a full picture of what living in Huntington Beach is like.

Pros of living in Huntington Beach

A sunny beach community in southern California is guaranteed to have plenty of upsides to living there. Along with proximity to Los Angeles and San Diego, Huntington Beach offers the ocean on one side and the mountains close on the other. Living in Huntington Beach means more than just the beach and the foothills, though.

The nightlife and entertainment options are plentiful

Huntington Beach offers tons of options for you to go out and explore the vibrant nightlife. The wide variety of eateries, clubs, bars, and music venues will keep even the most energetic social butterfly busy discovering all of the hotspots.

But there are also plenty of ways to entertain oneself outdoors in Huntington Beach. There are a variety of hiking trails that have become destinations for enthusiasts from all over southern California. Ranging from beach trails to ones that travel up mountainsides, there are trails for every skill level of hiker.

The weather is perfect

It’s going to be difficult to find weather better than Huntington Beach. Those who love sunshine will agree that life here is pretty close to perfect. The area receives little rainfall, making outdoor enthusiasts happy year-round. In fact, Huntington Beach receives an average of only 12 inches of rain each year.

On average, there are 281 days of sunshine in Huntington Beach, compared to the national average of just over 200.

The average temperatures in the summertime range from the mid-70s to mid-80s, while winter temps average from the low 50s to low 70s.

Huntington Beach is a walkable community

The layout of the city is quite conducive for walking. Whether you are walking for exercise or using your feet as a mode of transportation, you’ll find that Huntington Beach has earned its high walkability score.

The walks here are easy due to the high level and quality of the walkways. Many are peppered with benches as well, giving spots for rest along busier routes.

The schools are top-rated

One of the top concerns for transplants to any new city is the quality of education offered to their children. For anyone who might be moving to Huntington Beach, they will be glad to discover that the schools in this community are top-notch.

The schools in Huntington Beach have average test scores that are 19% higher than the rest of the U.S.

The city is a well-educated one, too. The residents here hold college degrees at a level that is nearly 40% higher than the national average.

Cons of living in Huntington Beach

With all of the good of living in Huntington Beach comes some bad. And though you’ll find that the pros of living here far outweigh the cons, there are still some items that anyone considering moving here should be aware of.

The traffic is one of the biggest problems here

Hey, it’s southern California. So you can expect that traffic is probably going to be an issue. For anyone commuting to Los Angeles for work, expect long commute times.

Overall the average commute time for folks living here is slightly higher than the national average. The city itself has grown, but the infrastructure has been able to keep up with it.

Remember that you’ll be living near a fault line

Living in this part of the U.S. means living close to a major fault line. While a major earthquake is certainly possible, they are pretty rare. The homes and businesses in southern California are constructed to minimize damage during the minor tremors you might feel every now and again.

Wildfires are also a threat

The droughts have brought wildfires close enough to Huntington Beach that the smoke has caused a bit of disruption. The distance between the closest fires and the city is enough to where the risk is minimal, but it has caused disruption outside this region.

The cost of living might be much more than you’re accustomed to

Lastly, the cost of living is quite high in this popular community. Overall, the cost of living here is substantially higher than the U.S. average and higher than the rest of California. Housing costs are the main driver here, with median home prices more than triple the national average.

This is definitely a city best suited for higher-wage earners.

The bottom line

Moving to a new city can be quite stressful. The uncertainties you’ll face can be partially alleviated, however, if you use the right real estate agent when selecting your new home. The Russell Realty Group Team will match you to the best home available and guide you to a neighborhood that suits your needs. Our team knows what living in Huntington Beach entails and will be happy to get your life here off to a great start.

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